If you don’t buy your girlfriends flowers just because, are they even your girlfriends? Lovely_Lovelynn photo

Please pray for Azealia! Someone give her a tab of LSD so she can see the beauty in life again 🧿
Lovely_Lovelynn photo
You Done Messed Up A-A-Ron @theteaisbyme
Kanye gets thoughts and prayers and becomes a billionaire with all the bs he's said. People care about his mental health and will give him a pass. Azealia Banks has had similar breaks in her mental health and the blogs ignore her. She doesn't get any passes. Pray for her too!

@Lovely_Lovelynn Man, I had a chuckle reading some other lady’s rant against u after u made a completely innocuous comment stating ur viewpoint! I see this BS all the time... they’re mentally unbalanced individuals with a touch of sociopathic tendencies... best to let them remove themselves! 😂