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I am delighted that you have found me. Whatever has brought you here, I am flattered that you have sought me out as your muse. Let me be your secret inspiration…

Although you may be struck initially by my outward graceful elegance, don’t be fooled- there is more to be revealed. I am lighthearted, charming, and love a great conversation. I’m also empathetic, sensitive, and a good listener.

I excel in one on one interactions, as I am truly adaptable, inventive and intuitive. Meeting new people is something I truly enjoy. Feeling at ease around me will be effortless, as I am very open minded and non judgmental.

I make an excellent dinner date, a discrete companion to any event, and I’m adventurous and a perfect companion to travel with.

I’m intelligent enough to be always discerning, yet natural and unpretentious. I’m often told that people find my authenticity refreshing and that I’m intellectually stimulating.

However, there is another side to me, one that is smouldering, sensual and passionate- but that’s a secret I may later whisper in your ear. I can’t wait to see what unfolds as we indulge together.

Love Always,

Lovelynn xoxo

4 reviews for “LoveLynn

Overall Rating: 5
    Review by BigCat1994

    By: lovelyn | 5 months ago

    I just want to start by saying that this is my first review so please bear with me a bit if it may be lacking in some way.

    I have been on the forum for some time now reading and considering taking the plunge, and so after much research and reading reviews i decided to finally set something up with lovelynn at GOE for today.

    The booking process was very simple, finding the exact location was a breeze. From the very moment she opened the door she made me feel at ease and really eliminated the tension. Since it was my first SP experience I was quite nervous. She was gorgeous, the pictures really dont do her justice, great body and her service exceeded expectations.

    All around a great time, she is a lovely person and I cannot recommend her enough. Will definitely be rebooking in the future.

    Review by Elfatto

    By: lovelyn | 5 months ago

    Lovelynn @ GOE
    I saw Lovelynn the other day and thought I’d share a quick review.

    Book was easy with GOE, though I had to give them a call since it was my first time booking with them. Otherwise I think you can do it all through text. The incall location I went to is nice and conveniently located from downtown.

    Lovelynn herself I found incredibly hot. The pictures on the site are accurate, fit taller blonde with nicely done man-mades, MCOT. I found her very naturally pretty, with none of the weird plastic botoxy-ness that seems to be common with girls that share her type of body. She had piercings in her nipples and labia, if that is a factor for some.

    The deed itself was great. I found Lovelynn to be really friendly and welcoming, and with just the right amount of wildness and enthusiasm for me once we got into the session. I would describe it as GFE with shades of PSE in terms of energy level. We went through all the usual acronyms: DFK, BBBJ with some DT and FF, and MPOS where I finished in the hat inside her. Afterwards we had an actual deeper conversation without any awkwardness, and I found her to be really down to earth with a good head on her shoulders. We started a second round but I wasn’t able to finish, which was no fault of hers. I would recommend her and plan on repeating.

    Review by Scourge

    By: lovelyn | 5 months ago

    Thumbs up Review – Lovelynn great time
    Hey guys been a while since I posted a review, as I mostly stick to my regulas or well known providers buttook the plunge with Lovelynn & glad I did.
    I dont ususally don’t go for ladies under the 30-35 age range, as I find there comfort level with older guys is hit & miss (more often then not its a miss for me) but took a chance & it paid off, had a great time.
    I don’t do blow-by-blow reviews so will just say sold GFE (DFK, DATY &BBJ) with a great funny, fun attitude lots of unsolicited dirty talk, too, made a simple outfit request & which she accommodated no problem (nothing too wierd, just lingerie & stripper heels, she is a tall lady 5’7″ or so &with the stripper heels jumped-up to 6′ or more)
    Photos are accurate & she shows her face, though I have to say I found her much better looking in person, very pretty.
    Advertises a PSE option & also fetish stuff can’t comment on any of that as I just had the GFE, but she soes seem a very open minded young lady.

    All in all a great time & will be repeating.

    Review By SpaceAlien2 TERB

    By: lovelyn | 5 months ago

    (Lovely) Lovelynn

    I had an one hour date with this lovely lady and it was the best experience I’ve had thus far.

    I arrived a bit early. Lovelynn came downstairs to meet me and we went for coffee off-the-clock in a sexy dress that accentuated her cleavage. We talked and got to know each other a bit. I found her more and more attractive as she told me about herself.

    I took a shower back at her condo. She greeted me with just the perfect bra and panties as I stepped out of the bathroom. We started frolicking for a little before I gave her a massage. I was straddling her lower back and I was enjoying just how sexual she is. Her body was oozing out sexuality. At this point my cock was harder than steel and from time to time I had to stop the massage just to slide my cock against her back. It felt really good, and Lovelynn writhe underneath me to assist. I almost came a couple of times there but I stopped myself. Discipline.

    We switched position and I was given a nice and deep BBBJ with me on my back. Lovelynn is a master magician. She makes cocks disappear! Before long I was on top, giving her DATY and then fucking her mouth while straddling her. I love to be on top. As I was about to come I pulled out of her mouth and she made the perfect ahego face. THIS GIRL! I was tempted to continue fucking her mouth. But I didn’t. I wanted to come inside her pussy. Discipline.

    She put the condom on and I wasted no time fucking her missionary. I started pumping my hot steel into her. Feeling proud as I dominated this sex kitten. Or did I? She kept encouraging me to fuck her harder and I obeyed. Was I her fucktoy instead? I didn’t care. The only thing I wanted was to cum. I blew all five days worth of my children into her. She drained me pretty good.

    We spent the rest of the time talking and caressing each other. We tried a secound round but she got me pretty good the first time.

    Definitely going to see her again. I’m already thinking about the next date!

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